SSS S01E01- PART 1


Spirited Guest 1- Mr. Sushant Kalra

Founder, Parwarish Institute of Parenting


:- Shruti Nagar Dave

Location:- Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

Episode topic:- Art of Parenting

Watch SPIRITED The Shruti Show’s First Episode presenting 1ST SPIRITED Personality, Mr. Sushant Kalra .
Episode 1 is on “Parwarish, An Art of Parenting”. This is a program developed and discovered by Sushant Kalra. He is the Founder of a Parenting Institute “Parwarish” .
Watch the episode and spare 16mins of your day in uncovering various questions..
Part 1 of Episode 1 would cover:-
1)what is parenting?
2) why was it so easy with many children in earlier times and it is other way round with 1-2 children?
3) Is it that the learning disability increased in number? Does it really exist in every 1 on 3 children?
See how Sushant left his corporate life to contribute in the world through Parwarish…… ! Spirited certifies him as SPIRITED BEING….!!
Twitter:- @spiritedshruti
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